The Cyber Witch-Hunt of Ellora


This website has been repurposed. Once the url for our yearly RomantiCon convention, we decided after canceling future gatherings to make use of a domain we already own rather than waste money on a new one. Hence why the url doesn't match the site's contents.

Factual Evidence: Coming Soon

Ellora's Cave, its employees, and its owners have been subjected to endless online harassment, bullying, and abuse for over 10 years. Two years ago it reached a pinnacle, with the company filing a defamation suit in response. To date, not a single shred of proof has been offered to demonstrate that any of the allegations hurled at EC et al have even a grain of merit to them. We are tired of remaining silent while gossips post malicious lies about us. This website will be used to post factual evidence only. Since the internet is the modern day equivalent of the Wild West where people can type any lie they want without repercussion, we are responding by posting the truth. After viewing our evidence, if you still choose to believe the gossip of hysterical types using EC as some sick manner of social bonding, that's your choice.