Tina M. Engler: Chief Strategic Officer


Tina M. Engler is the CSO, founder, and majority share holder of Ellora's Cave Publishing. Academically, she holds an A.A., an A.S. in Internet Technology, and a B.S. in Psychology (Research Track) with a minor in Statistics from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1997, Ms. Engler was awarded the coveted Writing Excellence Award, a distinction that is granted yearly to only five junior or senior level students campus-wide for their ability to outperform their peers of every major in technical, timed and persuasive writings. She was also the sole recipient of the 1998 Excellence in Psychology award for original research she conducted in the area of stereotypes and prejudices with her adviser and mentor, renowned social psychologist, Dr. Mark Davis. Ms. Engler graduated Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honors) from Eckerd College in 1998.

Professionally, Ms. Engler is known both as an entrepreneur and an author. A pioneer in the e-publishing industry, she invented the genre of erotic romance in its modern form, an amalgamation of erotica and romance, explicit in both vernacular and deed. As an author, she writes under the USA Today bestselling pseudonym Jaid Black and has penned nearly forty novels and novellas.

Ms. Engler has two daughters, Jasmine and Jade, and a house filled with extremely spoiled animals. She has been a proponent for the rights of the economically disadvantaged, namely welfare moms and prisoners, since her early twenties. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, trying her luck at the slots, reading true crime books, and obsessing over her favorite TV show, True Blood.

Patricia Robb Marks: Chief Executive Officer


CEO Patricia Robb Marks, or "The SHE-E-O" as she's called at headquarters, has been involved with Ellora's Cave since its inception. She holds advanced degrees in Business from the University of South Florida where she graduated Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honors.) An experienced businesswoman with an impressive list of academic and professional credentials, Ms. Marks officially took over the helm of Ellora's Cave in October 2003. She is the driving force behind all major business deals, including the implementation of lucrative contracts with Amazon, Sony, Apple, Diesel, Google, and Barnes & Noble, to name a few. A highly analytical thinker with a genius IQ, Ms. Marks also has a well-developed creative side. She was the mastermind behind the birth of the Ellora's Cavemen, a select group of male models chosen to represent the publishing house worldwide.

Ms. Marks is married to Charles, her husband of thirty years. The couple has one child, Tina M. Engler, and two grandchildren. Patty and Chuck currently reside in a suburb of Akron with their two Brussels Griffons and three cats. In her spare time, she enjoys watching random TV shows, traveling, and dying her hair every color imaginable and unimaginable! She hates to be photographed and had to be forcibly subdued to get this picture (inset) taken.

Susan Edwards: Chief Operating Officer


SusanAs a writer and editor for more than 25 years, Emmy Award winner Susan Edwards has worked in every imaginable medium, from newspapers and magazines to television and books. Among the honors she has received are a Foreign Reporting Award from the Florida Press Club for her articles on post-Soviet Cuba, an Emmy for her work on a five-part public television documentary, as well as awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Writers Digest Magazine, and Image Film/Video Center.

She has taught writing classes and workshops at the University of South Florida, the Suncoast Writers Conference, Hillsborough Community College, and dozens of writing clubs and conventions. She has started, run and judged numerous literary competitions and grant programs for writers, including serving on the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Literary Arts Fellowship grant panel for several years. A well-turned metaphor can still give her chills, just as a dangling modifier still sets her teeth on edge.

Susan joined Ellora’s Cave in 2005 as founding editor of Lady Jaided, a smart, funny, irreverent magazine devoted to celebrating women’s sexuality. She’s still not sure how she ended up as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, but she is yielding to her inner Dominatrix and helping to prepare the company for world domination.

Chief Financial Officer: Courtney Thomas


Courtney's the money lady, and she has been with the company since its early days, way back at the dawn of the 21st century. She makes sure the bills, royalties, staff and freelancers are paid, and generally guards the entrance to the vaults of gold buried deep within the Cave. She’s a workaholic who somehow manages to retain a sense of humor even when we overdraw the company credit cards.

Publisher: Raelene Gorlinsky


Strangers know her for those fabulous hats. Editors, authors, agents and staffers know her for her maniacal attention to detail, her prodigious organizational skills and capacity for work, and her knowledge of and leadership in the romance and epublishing industries. Her corgis simply know her as Mom.